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A Personal Sonic Experience

Sans Patrie’s unique blend of Hard Rock, Rockabilly & Britpop cuts through the noise with a catchy Rock n Roll groove & a Retro-Future aesthetic. Meaning “without homeland” in French, this brand of Rock & Cultural diversity creates a personal sonic experience rooted in a central theme: Without Homeland, Without Borders, Without Destination.

Lead singer & songwriter, Fer Borrego, founded the project early in 2020 inspired by a sense of floating between worlds rather than belonging to any one. A Brooklyn-based artist of Argentinian & Spanish descent, his diverse cultural & musical backgrounds forged the blueprint for Sans Patrie's sound, combining elements of 50s Rockabilly, 80s Punk Rock, Hard Rock & Rock Nacional, and 90s Britpop.


This diversity forged a blueprint for the band’s sound culminating in the release of the self-titled debut album, “SANS PATRIE,” a rock-infused collection of tracks depicting the rise & fall of love, the search for inner peace, & the eventual acceptance of the past. The album includes singles ‘Setting Sun,’ a Punk-Britpop hybrid with a synth line & catchy chorus, and ‘Dance, Dance,’ a Hard Rock anthem with an electrifying main riff.

While recording "SANS PATRIE," Eduardo Palacios, a Mexican/Brooklyn-based guitarist with a knack for languages & instruments became the first to join the lineup, adding a bit of flare to lead guitar. Next followed Nicholas Moyal (born & raised in Hawai'i) & Andrew Gorham (Spanish-American) to round out SP with a pulsating backbeat & rhythmic groove on bass & drums respectively.

Now, Sans Patrie is taking NYC (and the world) by storm in 2023 with the release of their new singles ‘Cordoba’ and 'The Gin Twist.'  Stop by for the best live show you’ll see in the Tri-State area and NEW rock-infused music!

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