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A Personal Sonic Experience

Sans Patrie strives to bring Rock n Roll to the masses with its unique blend of Hard Rock, Rockabilly & Britpop. As the name suggests, this culturally diverse sound is truly “without homeland” & seeks only to nest on your eardrums & in your brain stem.


In 2020, Fer Borrego (lead vox/guitar) embarked on this Personal Sonic Experience." A Brooklyn-based artist of Argentinian & Spanish descent, Fer was driven by a sense of floating between worlds rather than belonging to just one. Shortly after, Eduardo Palacios (lead guitar), a Mexican/Brooklyn-based guitarist joined SP during the recording of “SANS PATRIE”, adding electrifying solos & licks. Eduardo’s love of rock and of foreign languages & cultures was a perfect addition.

Next followed Nicholas Moyal (bass), an extremely gifted musician & entertaining performer who, though born in Hawai’i, has throughout his life travelled the US from coast to coast following the music. Lastly, Andrew Gorham (drums) joined after seeing Fer wearing a Real Betis shirt while walking through Williamsburg. After realizing they both share Andalusian heritage, the two bonded over football & music leading to his addition to SP.

Simply put, Sans Patrie has no limits & wants to be the soundtrack of the lost, the found & the party all at once. Combining catchy choruses, electrifying guitar riffs & pulsating backbeats with an addictive live show, Sans Patrie is THE band you don’t wanna miss out on!

Don't miss out on SP's new singles ‘Cordoba’ and 'The Gin Twist.' 

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