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A Personal Sonic Experience

Sans Patrie’s unique blend of Hard Rock, Rockabilly & Britpop cuts through the noise with a catchy Rock n Roll groove & a Retro-Future aesthetic. Meaning “without homeland” in French, this brand of Rock & Cultural diversity creates a personal sonic experience rooted in a central theme: Without Homeland, Without Borders, Without Destination.

Sans Patrie’s lead singer & songwriter, Fer Borrego, founded the project in early 2020 inspired by his cultural & musical background. A Brooklyn-based artist of Argentinian & Spanish descent, Fer always felt a sense of floating between worlds rather than belonging. Similarly, his musical inspirations also encompassed various rock sub-genres including 80s Punk Rock, 50s Rockabilly, 90s Britpop, and 80s Hard Rock & Latin Rock. This diversity forged a blueprint for the band’s sound culminating in the release of the self-titled debut album, “SANS PATRIE.”

The album features 9 songs, including the debut single ‘Setting Sun,’ a Punk-Britpop hybrid with a synth line & catchy chorus, and the second single ‘Dance, Dance,’ a Hard Rock anthem with an electrifying main riff. The rock-infused album further delves into the Rockabilly & Hard Rock roots, even providing 2 tracks sung in Spanish. “SANS PATRIE” depicts the rise & fall of love, the search for inner peace, & the eventual acceptance of the past.

During the recording process, the bass lines were written & recorded by Eduardo Palacios, a classically trained musician born in Mexico & based out of Brooklyn. Shortly after the release however, Eduardo switched over to guitar & joined Sans Patrie as lead guitarist, adding a touch of “shred” to the solos & licks that epitomize the band’s sound. On top of being a force on guitar, piano, bass & cello, he is also proficient in Spanish, English, Mandarin & German. 

Now, Sans Patrie is ready to take NYC (and the world) by storm in 2023. Stay tuned for the best live shows you’ll see in the Tri-State area, new rock-infused music, and maybe even some cool, new videos too…

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