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A Personal Sonic Experience

Sans Patrie gives voice to a Brooklyn-based, Argentinian/Spanish artist whose unique blend of Rock n Roll creates a personal sonic experience  anchored in finding one’s place in the world.  The ever-elusive desire to feel a sense of belonging forged a new identity that embraced the central idea: Without Homeland - Without Borders - Without Destination.

Formed in early 2020, Sans Patrie's complex sound stems from a foundation of simple, yet melodic progressions, layered harmonies & intriguing lyrics. However, an emphasis on catchy choruses & guitar riffs makes up the core of a sound that embraces the concept of "Retro Future," taking elements of the Wild West, the 1930s & the 1950s and giving them a Rock n Roll soundtrack. 

The debut single “Setting Sun” showcased a mix of Punk & Britpop with a Rockabilly backbone. The use of snyth, a groovy bass line, & an easily sung-along chorus gives it a Pop-appeal, but its  heavy, well-placed guitar gives it an edge. The main imagery for the track, ‘The S.S. Sans Patrie,’ would become Sans Patrie’s logo & the accompanying MUSIC VIDEO  further emphasized this theme.

The next single “Dance, Dance” rounded out Sans Patrie’s sound with a Rock n Roll anthem about confidence & individuality. This time, the guitar’s tasty main lick & power chords took center stage, providing a bombastic & danceable track. Once again, a catchy chorus ties the song together with sensual lyrics & a pulsating backbeat.


On April 15, 2022,  a 2-year long journey culminated with SP's debut album “SANS PATRIE." The album includes rock-infused, guitar-heavy tracks with catchy choruses, cool guitar licks, & enticing lyrics. SP further delves into its Rockabilly & Rock n Roll roots, and even provides 2 tracks sung in Spanish. The album depicts the rise & fall of love, the search for inner peace, & the eventual acceptance of the past. 

“SANS PATRIE” out now on all streaming platforms.

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