Debut Album "SAns pAtrie"
out NOW!

"The album is a testament to honest songwriting & instrumental muscle."
- Right Chord Music

"Through the harmonies, catchiness of the choruses, & the sheer inventiveness through the instrumentation, you never stop desiring more as each track ends."
- We Write About Music

"It boasts incredible guitar work, layered harmonies, airily vocals, and catchy choruses."
- Rock Era Magazine

Live from The Mercury Lounge!

sans patrie

A Personal Sonic Experience 

The artistic manifesto of a Spanish/Argentinian, New York-based musician with a foot in multiple worlds but never completely at home in any of them.





The "S.S. Sans Patrie" represents those of us lost in a sea of confusion about who we are & where we fit in the world. Join this voyage as we float along & find our own shore...

Debut album "SANS PATRIE" out now!

Sans Patrie Boat .png

Without Homeland Without Destination Without Borders